Rosie Retreats home retreat | 10 - 13 december

Rosie (@laviederoosaparis) en Elaine samen

Pregnancy is the time to be soft, to be gentle, to take time for you and your baby. You are creating new life, this takes energy. Therefore you need to treat yourself and your baby with lots of care. So… happy you are here. Cause this home retreat will give you what you need.

This is Roos. She's a vinyasa yoga teacher (200hr) and an Ayurvedic food yoga teacher (100hrs). She loves to spread positive vibes through retreats and to share her tips and tricks about happiness. At the moment she's pregnant too, and she follows my HypnoBirthing course.

It's her first baby. Therefore she wanted to create a home retreat with all things that help her in this beautiful experience and to make this even more magical for us all.

What's in?

Home Retreat Costs: €34,95,-
When: 10 dec – 13 dec
Mostly recommend: 15 – 36 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy home retreat contains: 

  • 4x Yoga & Meditation | Roos Aa 

  • 1x live Zoom | Roos Aa 

  • 1x Ayurvedic perspective | Victoria (Tory) Hyndman (Ayurveda Specialist) | live zoom session 

  • 1x Hypobirthing introduction | Elaine from Jouw Geboorte Avontuur | live zoom session | 

  • 1x Pregnancy Relax | Elaine from Jouw Geboorte Avontuur 

  • Access to a private Instagram account to ask questions, for a live Q&A

  • GoodieBag : a goodie bag, with a notebook and a little surprise will be send to your house

(if you are less than 15 weeks you can join. It’s more up to you, it might be that some things feel too early. But feel free to join )

What will we do?

Daily soft yoga and meditations, to feel good in my body and mind, and meditations to connect with your baby. I will create a program that you can follow next to your daily life. This retreat will be a combination of pre-recorded videos and live sessions. You will receive yoga, movements, and meditations from me and a live session with me. Next to there will be two inspiring ladies who are specialists in giving training about pregnancy. Elaine and Tory, will share their knowledge.

But there is more!

Elaine | Founder of Jouw Geboorte Avontuur.

Elaine teaches you exactly what’s necessary to become the best pregnant version of yourself. In mindset, health, awareness and consciousness. Elaine will give you a training with insights of how aware your baby actually is and gives you 6 wonderful tools that helps you grow in health and mindset. Next to this Elaine will give a live zoom presentation of the famous Childbirth HypnoBirthing Premium course. She will give an introduction and insights that will help you to prepare for childbirth, by first helping you to normalize giving birth. After this training you will feel more confident and strong if it comes to actual childbirth!

Victoria Hyndman | Ayurveda specialist & yoga teacher
Tory has been immersed in the practice of yoga and ayurveda since 1997. Tory knows everything about the wisdom of ayurveda. Tory will give a live zoom session in which she will talk about the ayurvedic perspective on pregnancy (during and post). She will talk about food, herbes, lifestyle, practices, and more. Next to this there will be time to ask Tory all the questions about what’s best during pregnancy from a ayurvedic perspective. I am a huge fan of Victoria, I followed many of her workshops about ayurveda.

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